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Budokai-do is a martial art originated from Nepal and was introduced in Belgium in 1989 by Maha Guru. Budokai-do is a dynamic full contact style and because of it's all-round system a very realistic self defense sport. Budokai-do became very popular in a short time because of its efficiency and the new and modern approach of teaching with punches, kicking, throwing techniques, ground work, locks, weapon training and competitions on K.O. First the Belgian Budokai-do Association was established in 1990. After more European countries joined, the Association changed into the European Budokai-do Federation (E.B.F.) which is now the umbrella organisation for all European Countries. The International Budokai-do federation is located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Main goal of the E.B.F. is to teach and spread the practise and philosophy of Budokai-do. Organizing seminars, workshops, advanced courses, all events promoting Budokai-do which are open for all styles and organisations. For more information about joining or becoming country representative see contact

Maha Guru

Maha Guru, founder of the Martial Art Budokai-do, was born in Nardevi, Kathmandu, in Nepal, a small kingdom between India and Tibet. Read more